Our little corner of the Naked Pueblo

Well, we finally did it.  We made the move from our old home to our new one.  We bought our new home in February 2010 and were moved in by March 10.  Moved in refers to using boxes as tables and stacked boxes as dressers.  But besides all the hassles we really like the new place.

Living Room



Each morning a new panorama is revealed to us from the living room window.  The picture below is one taken from just outside the living room on our patio in early March.  A storm had just passed leaving the Catalina Mountains dressed in rugged clouds and topped with new fallen snow. 



Our house, just right of center in the picture below, is nestled within the desert flora.  Yep, that's real cactus there. Our home is on an acre+ lot on the outskirts of Tucson where the rabbits, quail, coyotes, and Javelina come to visit frequently.  Did I mention that the guest room is isolated from the rest of the rooms and overlooks the desert? 

Let the construction begin.  Most of you know Matt cannot leave well enough alone.  Once the basics were moved in he began work on an 11 foot tall 14 foot wide bookcase for the living room.  It took many evenings and weekends throughout April to finish.  Many thanks to Brian who gave Matt a hand and offered up lots of great advice.

Now, exactly where is that pool going to be?  Ahh, right here.

Here are some photos of our backyard.