Property Incorporation of an Arid Region
Dihydrogen-Oxide Containment Facility

Strange events occurred recently in our backyard.  Here is the last known photo looking North across our yard as seen from the patio attached to the back of our house.  This scene was soon radically and eternally transmogrified by astonishing phenomena native to the Tucson region.
Soon after, I was able to capture a photo of rare and native wildlife in our backyard.  Here is a picture of a rare yellow Tucson deere marking his territory.  This is typically done by scratching the earth to reveal the bare under-soil.  
This particular deere got carried away and began to "plant" humans.  After calling the ASPCA we learned that "human planting" is typical for this breed of deere.  Though tempted to make this deere feel welcome, we kept our kids inside (mostly).
Interestingly, the deere uncovered a mesh net.  We believe this to be remains of an ancient Aztec civilization.  The dark humanoid shadow on the right is obviously the ghostly remnant cast by an ancient nuclear explosion and clear evidence the Aztecs had nuclear weapons.  It is believed that white columns were used for some sort of water distribution system during ritual ablution.
We immediately notified the University of Arizona Archeology department of the Aztec ruins in our backyard.  They sent over a preservation specialist.  Here, you can see great care is taken to apply a layer of preserving material consisting of air-blown concrete or "shot-crete". 
This is a view of the preserved site from the north end of our yard.  We are told that we will not be able to fill the area with soil due to the fragile nature of the ruins.  Discussion continues as to what we will do with this part of the yard.  Anna recommends a very large bird bath.
The arch and the wall were completed on April 29th.  The next step is to move the dirt around and make the backyard flat.  What remains after the earth is made flat is the concrete patio, the pool fences, the gates, the Pebble Fina pool coating, and the water.  Oh, and the margs!
Rust colored people containment barrier erected including the manual barrier bypass regions, dirt redistribution completed, artificial stone laid; ready for Pebble Fina-ing. 

Notice here that one end of the excavation looks indeed like a garage for Luke Skywalker's land-speeder.  Say, that was a long long time ago, wasn't it?

Pebble Fina application in progress.  For some reason, the scientists in the white lab coats stick out their tongues while working.  I believe this is called the Michael Jordan technique and is an indicator of high technical expertise. 

Notice the bright blue (Bella Blue) color.  Funny, we requested gray (Grigio).  Whoops!

Requested Color

Received Color

Here, two of the junior members of our dihydrogen-oxide management team prepare to test and rate the containment facility for the first time.

Begin Date: 14 March 2011 (Pi day)
Test date: 29 June 2011
Elapsed Time: 106 days

Results: Both junior members agree that this containment facility exceeds required parameters, but recommend further daily testing before filing their complete report.

Now, where are those margs?