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A place where the coffee is hot, the cakes are chocolate, and the people laugh at my jokes.

Off The Menu
- Food for the body.

Bytes of Life
- Food of the soul.

- The ongoing events of the Kruses.

The Binary Afterlife
         - Those who dine on the rooftop patio.
Computer hints
- Making cyberlife simple.

Palm Apps
- Fun you can take with you.

Notable Ideas worthy of entertaining over a cup of coffee

We have moved.  Here is a short look at our new home.  If you don't have our new address, email me.

We have found a new family adventure.  Geocaching! You can find out more at, and visit our geocaching page here.

Since 2004 I have been devouring recorded books.  Here is a small list of the recorded books I have listened and rated.  If you are interested, I get most of mine from

A buddy of mine has started an online lecture (World Building 101) on how to design a planet.  This is a requirement for all young deities.

Anna has written several fun books.  See them here.