Dad's Green Chili Pozole.


1.5-2 lbs. 

Cubed Pork.


Medium Onions.

1 Tbsp.

Cooking Oil.

1 tsp. 

Black Pepper.

1 dash

Garlic Powder.

Approx. 0.5 cup



Use the flour to coat the pork.   I suggest placing the flour and the pork into a paper bag and shaking the contents.  Sauté the pork, garlic powder, and chopped onions in the oil until the pork is browned.


3 Green Chilies.
1 dash Cumin.
Approx. 2 cups Water.


The level of spice from the chili is up to individual taste.  I used two Big Jims and a Hot pepper (on a scale of  Mild, Big Jim, Hot, and Very Hot).  Roast the peppers and peel off the skin.  Slice and combine in a large stew pot with the above pork mix (I will later add the beans and hominy to this pot).    Add water until the meat is covered.  Bring the mix up to temperature and simmer for three hours.  For a quicker preparation time, use one large can of green chilies instead of the three roasted chilies.


29 oz. Hominy.


Combine hominy with the pork/green chili mix and simmer for 30 minutes. 


2 cups Cooked Pinto Beans.
1 Tbsp. Salt.

Add the pinto beans and salt to the pork/green chili mix.  Bring to temperature and simmer for another 30 minutes.


Makes 6 servings.